About Us

Technology and Environment

Dongsung FineTec Co., Ltd. ceaselessly accepts new challenges.

Dongsung FineTec Co., Ltd. works under the corporate philosophy of protecting the environment and ceaselessly accepting new challenges.


  • Company
    Dongsung FineTec Co., Ltd.
  • Date of establishment
    August 7, 1985
  • CEO
    Wan Soo Ryu
  • Number of Employees
  • Capital
    KRW 13.8 billion
  • Annual revenue
    KRW 428 billion
  • Total assets
    KRW 280.6 billion
  • Business Office
    Busan Headquarters, Anseong Office (research center), Seoul Office, Tongyeong Factory, Yeongnam Factory
  • Business fields
    Polyurethane systems, ultralow-temperature cold insulation materials, metal panels, containers, and refrigerants