CEO Greeting

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Dongsung FineTec

Welcome to DongSung Finetec's new Web site. We are pleased to be of service.

Since 1985, We Dongsung Finetec has worked with unrelenting efforts and innovative management to become the world No.1 in cryogenic insulation for LNG carrier industry with new technology, new processing techniques and new products.

Save Energy,
Save Environment

Based on the slogan "Save Energy, Save Environment" As we have been making effort to practice sustainable development by creating the products in an eco-friendly way. In this year, we launched the innovative Low-BOR technology. Furthermore, all of Dongsung Finetec members and I will be properly responsible for providing greater benefits and prosperity to our customers and the future generation.

Now we, Dongsung Finetec is fully ready for drawing the bigger pictures which broaden our public relations and build the foundation of new growth opportunity in the world market.And we expect the big synergy effect to the global business from the mutual interchange of fast-growing Dongsung Finetec on this website. We will always keep you updated the latest news and information through our website. We ask for your continuous support to develop the best technology and products for our customers, investors, nation and the world.

Thank you once again for your good wishes and supports.

Wan Soo Ryu