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Welcome to DongSung Finetec's new Web site. We are pleased to be of service.

CEO Wan Soo Ryu

Welcome to the website of Dongsung FineTec.
Since its founding in 1985, Dongsung FineTec, which is a member of the Dongsung Group, has been leading the market as the world’s no. 1 company in the LNG cryogenic insulation industry through continuous management innovation, new technology, new products, and new manufacturing methods.

To respond positively to the global economic downturn and the more intense business environment and to secure its leading position in cryogenic insulation, the company has recently reshaped its business structure into 1) Shipbuilding/offshore plants and; 2) PU business units (BU).

Save Energy,
Save Environment

The concern over the environment is already a global trend, and the demand for environment-friendly energy, including LNG, is expected to increase continuously. As an eco-friendly company, Dongsung will do its best to preserve global energy and the environment with self-innovation and technology development.

Dongsung FineTec’s employees will not be satisfied with the accomplishments they have achieved in the past; instead, they will open a big future by exploring new growth engines and opening new global markets. All of us at Dongsung FineTec ask you to keep on supporting us as we challenge offshore and onshore projects all over the world.

We wish you and your family good health and happiness, and we thank you again for your interest in us and your encouragement.

CEO Wan Soo Ryu