The entire humanity dreams

We create a beautiful world

Dongsung FineTec Co., Ltd. is working to create a beautiful world that the entire humanity dreams of with eco-friendly clean technology.


To create a beautiful world that the humanity dreams of with eco-friendly clean technology.

Save Energy, Save Environment

Key Values

Creative Destruction

Innovation Thinking

We look into the potential of every idea and always pursue innovation.
We find new ways through curiosity and observation.

Continuous acceptance of challenges

We start our work without fear and conclude it with persistence.
We consider failures as opportunities for learning and continuously look for solutions.
We believe in the possibilities and work to the end to find solutions.



The staff of Dongsung FineTec Co., Ltd. abide by its fundamentals and principles.
We work honorably.
We honestly acknowledge our errors and take responsibility for them.

Customer First

We always consider what would be best for our customers.
We are fully aware that, if we lose our customers, we lose everything.
We establish a healthy relationship with our customers on the long term.

Values Competent Personnel

Pursues Expertise

We work with our goal of becoming the best in whatever task we work on.
We provide recommendations and extend help, prioritizing the growth of the company and of others.
We prepare in advance for the future by equipping ourselves with the necessary capabilities.

Respect and Consideration

We learn from each other’s differences.
We communicate with honesty and kindness.
We acknowledge and compliment even the small efforts made by others.

Future Goal

To become a company that is respected by the customers of Dongsung FineTec Co., Ltd. as well as the society, and to reach an annual revenue of KRW 1 trillion by consolidating over three global top products and developing over five new eco-friendly technologies by 2020.