Polyurethane System

Since its establixhment in 1991 Korea's best technology company Polyurethane is widely used in daily life. Dongsung Finetec Co., Ltd. launched a polyurethane system house in 1991 and has since led the market with Korea’s best technology. From foam to other nonfoam used for coating materials, binding materials, sealants, and elastomers, we are expanding our business scope to the entire industry. We are expanding our technology accumulated since the launch of our system house to other related application businesses.
The Introduction of Polyurethane System
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Series Usage Characteristic
160S Gym, slub roof spray Applicable in winter Good self-extinguish
180 Applicable in winter Good self-extinguish Applicable in winter Good self-extinguish
240 Cryogenic injection Great insulation Excellent adhesive
260 Continuous line board, panel Good flowability Dimensional stability
270 Refrigerator, Showcase Excellent insulation Dimensional
330 LNG, LPG Pipe support Foam High mechanical strength High density
820S Adhesive for EPS Panel Excellent adhesion elasticity