Metal Panel

Powerfully fire-resistant Urethane foam metal panels with Grade 3 flame resistance Our fine panel system consists of diverse types of panels used for different types and features of buildings. They are applicable to any type of building. They are manufactured with cutting-edge technology accumulated through experience and R & D and the longest slat conveyors. We registered our subsidiary research center for the first time in the business and developed flame-resistant, grade 3 urethane foam that is durable against fires. We acquired Class 1 at ASTM E84-04, a test on fire sparks spread and smoke density, for the first time in Korea and are continuously researching to manufacture eco-friendly polyurethane products. We are, thus, always creating new buildings that have better technology, features, and performance compared to those defined as the best.
  • Responsible officersㅣDirector Sun-hwan Hong (010-9131-9926_responsible for materials sales), Deputy Head Sang-hyeon Song (010-3913-0228_responsible for construction sales)
Roof System
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Description Information Detail Info
  • System roofing materials without the risk of leakage as it is constructed straight from the roof ridge to the eaves without junctures
  • More beneficial if the roof span is long as production into an arch form is possible
  • Highly economical as separate dismantling construction is not necessary when renovating existing roof panels
UPR - 1000
  • Excellent strength as a roofing material of the most general form
  • Appropriate for slopes of over 4°
UPD - 1000
  • Roofing materials for membrane sheets with its upper part finished with rubber
  • Appropriate for use when the roofing slope is below 4° and may be used for flat roofs
  • Eco-friendly, water-resistant sheets that are excellently weatherproof and chemical-resistant
  • Saves on cooling and heating costs with a high reflection rate
FINE Mineral Sheet
  • Covered with small ceramic pebbles as the most general waterproof finishing
  • Available in six colors