Eco-friendly Supply of Freon-alternative refrigerant and new technology As the severity of environmental problems, such as the destruction of the ozone layer and global warming, has become widely known, many countries in the world are working hard for improvements. Dongsung Finetec Co., Ltd. will continue to lead the supply of new technology and eco-friendly Freon alternative refrigerant products to live up to such customer demands in line with enhanced international regulations on Freon because of the destruction of the ozone layer. We will, thus, continue to maintain our stable position in the new refrigerant field.
Main Clients
LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Carrier, WiniaMando, Century, Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, GM Daewoo Auto and Technology, Renault Samsung Motors, Volvo Commercial Vehicles, DSME, Greenpia, etc
Refrigerant products
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Product Name Color Packing Size Usage Remark
R-22 ISO Tank
1ton Cylinder
100kg, 800kg
22.7kg (50lb)
13.6kg (30lb)
Refrigerant: A refrigerant for home and industrial air-conditioners
Foaming agent: A polyethylene foaming agent
A raw material for the production of halon
A raw material for the production of fluorine resin (Teflon)
Mineral Alkylbenzene
R-410A ISO Tank
1ton, 85kg
Refrigerant: To replace R-22
(Air-conditioners, and freezing and refrigerating systems)
Polyol Ester
R-407C 1ton Cylinder
Refrigerant: To replace R-22
(Can be used as an alternative refrigerant for freezing and refrigerating systems and air-conditioning systems)
Polyol Ester
R-134A ISO Tank
1ton, 100kg
Refrigerant: For automobile air-conditioners and industrial refrigerators
Foaming agent: For polystyrene and polyurethane foaming
Spraying agent: An aerosol spraying agent
Polyol Ester
R-404A 1ton, 100kg
Refrigerant: A middle-ranging replacement of R-502 for mid- to low-temperature freezing and refrigerating systems of industrial use Polyol Ester
R-408A(FX-10) 10.9kg Refrigerant: To replace R-502 of low- and mid-temperature freezing and refrigerating systems Mineral Alkylbenzene
Polyol Ester
R-507 11.3kg Refrigerant: To replace R-502 of low- and mid-temperature freezing and refrigerating systems Polyol Ester
R-23 35kg Refrigerant: A special low-temperature refrigerant
To replace R-13 and R-503 as a raw material for the production of halon
R-123 285.8kg
Refrigerant: A refrigerant of centrifugal turbo cooling motors
Foaming agent: For hard and soft urethane foaming
To replace CFC-11 centrifugal turbo freezers
Mineral Alkylbenzene
R-124 100kg
Refrigerant: A refrigerant that can be used in chillers
Diluent: To replace R-12 for sterilizing gas
Insulator: To replace R-11 and R-12 as a hard foam insulator
Mineral Alkylbenzene
R-141b 250kg
Refrigerant: A refrigerant for large freezers
Foaming agent: A middle-ranging replacement of R-11 to produce hard and soft urethane
Detergent: A detergent to clean semiconductors and others
Polyol Ester
R-142b 100kg Cylinder Foaming agent: Polystyrene and polyethylene
Spraying agent: An aerosol-spraying agent for human bodies
Polyol Ester
MIX GAS 1ton Cylinder
800kg Cylinder
Spraying agent: An aerosol-spraying agent for human bodies
HCFC-142b : R-22 = 6 : 4
HFO-1234yf 5K, 10K R134a 대체품으로 자동차에어컨용 냉매  
The Largest market share in Korea Product certified as safe Dongsung Finetec Co., Ltd.’s gas extinguishing facility is a system that boasts of the largest share in the Korean market. It is a product of which fire-extinguishing performance and safety in all aspects have been verified. We acquired the KFI certificate for our CO2 fire-extinguishing facility and clean agent fire-extinguishing system for the first time in the business. We are, thus, leading the development of an inert gas fire-extinguishing system for coercion with 100% Korean technology. As a company that specializes in gas fire-extinguishing systems, Dongsung Finetec Co., Ltd. creates the standards of the Republic of Korea. We will continue our efforts for them to become the standards of the world.
Gas extinguishing equipment
Product name System Certification Specific Feature
NFPA 2001 Registration
EPA SNAP Registration
  • The company can supply systems with the country’s best specification through three kinds of fire extinguishing systems that are available from small (68 ℓ) to large capacities (82.5 ℓ and 125 ℓ).
  • No residue remains after the release of the fire extinguishing agent.
  • Most popular in Korea; the fire extinguishing performance has been verified in actual fire incidents.
(HCFC Blend A)
KFI Authorization
NFPA 2001 Registration
EPA SNAP Registration
  • An eco-friendly fire-extinguishing halogen combination agent to replace halon.
  • Economical fire-extinguishing agent of optimal performance and facility safety.
  • Minimal effect on the ozone layer and global warming indexes.
  • Remains in the air only for a few years, offering balanced environmental safety.
  • Most widely used in Korea; its fire-extinguishing performance has been acknowledged in numerous actual fire incidents.
KFI Authorization
NFPA 12 Registration
  • The most economical among gas-type fire-extinguishing facilities.
  • Possible long-distance piping at the lowest cost and for maximum effect.
  • Minimal effect on the ozone layer and global warming indexes.
  • Uses a large cylinder of 87 ℓ and requires less space than existing fire-extinguishing facilities.
  • Allows one to save more on material cost (over 10%) compared to other facilities.
NFPA 2001 Registration
EPA SNAP Registration
KFI Authorization
UL Authorization
  • An eco-friendly fire-extinguishing agent that has the lowest toxicity among halogen combination fire-extinguishing agents .
  • "Zero" ozone layer destruction index as an optimal eco-friendly fire-extinguishing agent.
  • No residue left after releasing the agent .
  • Minimal downtime after fire.
Fire Extinguisher
Product name Type Approval Specific Feature
FINE-123 Fire Extinguisher
(HCFC-123 Fire Extinguisher)
  • Classes A, B, and C can be used in the fire.
  • No secondary damage is caused by the fire extinguishing agent during the use of the fire extinguisher.
  • The fire extinguishing agent does not change semipermanently; thus, no regular replacement is required.
  • It does not affect expensive devices, semiconductors, electrical equipment, and others.
Parts and Materials
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Parts and Materials


Cylinder Valve

Needle Valve, Actuator

Flexible Hose

Selection Valve


Safety Valve

Check Valve

Relief Valve

Actuating Set
Cabinet Type
Automatic fire-extinguishing device system
Independent piping method
Fixed fire-extinguishing facility system
Installed places
Type of business Detail Info
SOC and Public Organizations Central Government Office — Jeju, Cheongwon Convention Center, Yongsan Railway Station, Seoul Office of Postal Service, Incheon International Airport Railroad, Dangjin, Yeongheung Thermoelectric Power Plant, Pohang City Government Office, Sejong Center, Gwangju Folk Museum, Ulsan Metropolitan Police Agency, Jeolla Provincial Office Nonghyup, and other offices
Companies Yeonhap Steel and DS Steel, Christian TV Multimedia, Daejeon KT, SK Broadband, Samjeong Precision Glass, LG Chem’s Ochang Factory, SK Hynix’ Namyangju Research Center, Samsung Life, Samsung C&T Corporation’s Gangnam Headquarters, Lotte Department Store, Lotte Mart, Shinsegae, and Ilsan M-City
The others Konkuk University Medical Center, Samsung Medical Cancer Center, JoongAng Ilbo, Chosun Ilbo, Yonsei Cutting-edge Science Complex, Myongji Hospital, Chung-Ang University Hospital, Daejeon Institute of Education Information, Asan Medical Center, Chungbuk National University Hospital, Korea National University of Arts, Korea Stock Computerization Agency, and National Cancer Center
Type of business Detail Info
SOC and Public Organizations Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation, Gwangyang LNG, Stadium of Busan Asiad, Seoul Railway Station, Yongsan Railway Station, Gunjang Combined Heat and Power Plant, Subway Line 9, Incheon International Airport Railroad, Gwangmyeong Cycle Race Dome, and Yeosu Airport Hwaseong Cogeneration Power Plant
Companies Yeosu GS Caltex, Tangjeong Samsung LCD, Ulsan SK, Paju LG Phillips, Changjeong Samsung Corning Precision Materials, Ochang LG Technopark, Samsung Electronics Giheung Research Complex, POSCO (Gwangyang and Pohang), LG DA Research Institute, Dangjin Hyundai INI, and Icheon Hynix
The others Paekche Institute of the Arts, KBS Media, Konkuk University Life Research Complex, Ewha Womans University Medical Center, Mokdong Hospital, Kyung Hee University Healthcare System, Konkuk University Star City, Seongdong Administration Village, Ilsan M-City, Tongyeong Tunnel, Pusan National University, and Sangam-dong DMC
  • Yongsan Railway Station
  • Sangam World Cup Stadium
  • Incheon International Airport