First in Korea The excellence of our Korean technology was acknowledged as a first in Korea. The company manufactures and supplies insulation products and solutions for cryogenic pipes and vessels that are used in the transportation and treatment of LNG that maintains its liquid form at -163˚C and LEG/LPG storage tanks. The company is recognized for its technical competence as it has participated in various onshore and offshore projects that involve crude oil and LNG over the last 10 years together with Korean shipbuilding companies, successfully supplying and installing cryogenic and thermal insulation products.
Insulation Product for LNGC PIPE: PIPE INSULATION
The handling pipes of LNG, LPG, and LEG vessels are insulated to prevent the evaporation of cargo by heat conduction, volume expansion, and ultralow (or high) temperature transmission to the hull structure. Insulation must be performed on certain ships.

Conventional Pipe Insulation System (CPS) Type: Externally formed insulator (adhesion method)

Preinsulated Pipe System (PPS) Type: Injection of an insulator (internally formed method)

Vessel Insulation

SHI PFLNG2(Petronas2) Equipment(vessel)

Insulation product for an LPG Carrier Tank: LPG SPRAY
The product is designed to insulate the ship’s LPG, LEG, and LNG tanks. It can also be applied to the ship’s deck tanks as it is resistant to environmental influences.