R&D Center

SINCE 1991

Dongsung FineTec Co., Ltd. learns from nature.

Our research center will make its best efforts to provide you with technology and service for full customer satisfaction in diverse social sectors as well as a stable polyurethane system.

Research Center

  • Launched as a research center of Dongsung FineTec Co., Ltd.: 1991
  • Registered as a subsidiary research center with the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Professional researchers: 22

Research Fields

Ultralow and Industrial-use Insulators
  • Insulation panels for vessels transporting LNG : Reinforced Polyurethane Foam
  • small LPG, LEG, and LNG vessel insulators : Spray PUR Foam
  • Pipe insulators : PIR Foam
  • Assembly-type metal panel insulators : PIR Foam
  • nonflammable and high-performance insulators : Aerogel
  • Freezing system
High-performance Complex Materials
  • FRP, SMC, and other plastic materials