Research Fields

SINCE 1991

Dongsung FineTec Co., Ltd. learns from nature.

Our research center will make its best efforts to provide you with technology and service for full customer satisfaction in diverse social sectors as well as a stable polyurethane system.

LNGC Insulation panel system GTT MARK-Ⅲ, GTT NO96-L3

2016 Developed the high-fire retardant insulation material for LPG carriers
2015 Obtained the world’s first BOR 0.085% GTT certificate
2014 Developed a GST and bunkering LNGC insulation panel
2013 Developed an HFC-245fa LNGC insulation panel (NO96-L3 and Mark III System)
2012 Developed an LNGC 400-mm insulation panel (CO2, HCFC-141b / Mark Ⅲ system)
2008 Developed an aerogel blanket insulator
2006 Developed a CO2 (water-blown) LNGC insulation panel
2005 Developed a CO2 (water-blown) LNGC insulation panel
2003 Developed Pipe cover system for LPG tank
  Developed HCFC-free Spray system for LPG/LEG cryogenic insulation
  Developed HCFC-free system for LNG Pipe cover (PIR,PUR)
2002 Developed a PIR system for construction panels
1998 Developed a CFC-free polyurethane foam for LNG tanks
1997 Developed a CFC LNGC insulation panel