Research Equipment

SINCE 1991

Dongsung FineTec Co., Ltd. learns from nature.

Our research center will make its best efforts to provide you with technology and service for full customer satisfaction in diverse social sectors as well as a stable polyurethane system.

    • Analysis of heat conductivity rate
    • Analysis of moisture containment amount
    • Dilatometer: Analysis of linear expansion rate
    • Urethane foam maker: High- and low-pressure foam maker
    • BET: Analysis of specific surface area as well as gas pocket size and volume
    • FT-IR: Qualitative analysis
    • UTM: Analysis of mechanical property
    • Analysis of foam rising
    • Pycnometer: Analysis of independent foam-making rate
    • Viscosity analysis
    • Analysis of NCO and OH / acid value
    • Oxygen Index Measurement Device: Oxygen Index Measurement
    • TGA/DSC : : Thermal Property Analysis
    • Fire Retardant Assessment Device: Fire Retardant Assessment
    • GC/MS : : Gas Analysis